Bi-Centenary Celebrations 1823-2023

In June we had a wonderful weekend of celebrations to mark our 200th year since Kingsthorpe Baptist was officially formed – here are some of the highlights!

The Church Covenant (1823)

We, the members of this Church of God, whose names are all inserted in this book, do solemnly promise in the presence of God and the Lord Jess Christ, the crowned King of Zion, and in the presence of His holy angels, and also in the presence of each other, to give ourselves up to the Lord and to one another by the Will of God, to walk in the profession of all Gospel ordinances and in the practice and discharge of all relative duties as the Lord shall enable us.  And whereas we differ in our judgement about water Baptism, we do solemnly declare that we who are for Believers Baptism do not hereby and will not impose on the consciences of any of our Brothers or Sisters that are among us who are for Infant Baptism; and on the other hand, we who are for Infant Baptism do not, and will not impose on the consciences of any of our Brethren and Sisters that are among us who are for Baptism on profession of faith; nor will either party or any of us impose upon any that may hereafter join in communion with us, but do all promise freely and cordially, without reflection on the person or practices of any, to leave everyone to his or her liberty of judgement and practice herein, each of us walking conscientiously up to our light, engaging and endeavouring in the strength of Christ that our difference in judgement shall not cause breach of union or affection endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace as God shall enable us.                                                                                          


Bi-centennial Covenantal Prayer – promises made Sunday 25th June 2023

We the members and regular attenders of this church, do solemnly promise in the presence of our triune God and also in the presence of each other, to give ourselves up for the Lord and to each other according to the will of God.

We promise to walk in full profession of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to serve as the Lord enables us.

Where we differ upon matters, we shall hold not to impose ourselves upon each other, but disagree well and continue to encourage one another. We commit ourselves to love and respect the differences between us and continue to commit to the unity of the Spirit which we are called to as God’s church.

We give thanks for the life of this church, sustained over 200 years and as a picture of God’s faithfulness to the saints of Kingsthorpe over those years. We accept that the work is not finished and that there is still a call to mission in this place.

We ask for strength and anointing for all that lies ahead and know that lives can only be changed according to your power and will. Give us all the humility, patience and courage that we need for that which is imminent and known and that which we cannot yet see.

Above all, may Christ reign in our hearts and in His church and may we continue to be sustained by joy in meeting with Jesus as we continue to gather.

All of this we ask in Jesus’s name and for His sake.                                                   Amen.